Commonly asked questions, answered here….

Who are you ?

  • X Air, Inc. was formed in April of 2012 in our home state of Georgia. The office location is in Madison, GA, which is only 90 miles to Atlanta, 90 miles to Augusta and 20 minutes to our home lake of Lake Oconee.
  • After spending the last few years totally immersed in the hydrofoil lifestyle, X Air, Inc. is excited to announce its focus on both bringing the professional end of hydrofoiling to all new and extreme levels, as well as introducing an entirely new generation of hydrofoilers to the sport. The thrill of watching a pro hit a trick that they have been working on for months, and the smile on a person’s face as he/she “flies” for the very first time, are the reasons why X Air, Inc. was formed.

What’s special about X Air ?

  • The X Air team is passionate about this sport. We are totally committed to bringing hydrofoiling to all new levels, and offering the best of the best products to get you there. We have been scouring the world to put together an exquisite team of professional developers and manufacturers for this line of hydrofoils. Our engineers have years of experience in their specific fields of expertise. They have worked as structural engineers in Dubai, built World Cup sailing masts and have developed products that have consistently grown the sport of hydrofoiling from where it was to where it is headed. Another main point that is important to mention is our commitment to growing the sport in population not just products. Support is huge for us! Our business plans first and foremost purpose is to grow the sport of hydrofoiling. We are aligning with top watersports companies to not only supply hydrofoils to new riders, but to support them along their way. If we can all pull together and grow the sport from the beginners up to the professionals we will finally reach the point where our skiers are not the only hydrofoil sightings on their home lakes. The quote “I think I saw one of those contraptions once” will be a phrase of the past.We are going to grow the sport of hydrofoiling philanthropically and structurally… one frame at the time.
  • X Air, Inc.’s Team Riders are all super excited to be joining forces with us to get out to lakes across the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia to spend their time teaching surf shop professionals, and the kids/adults that they teach a variety of watersports, how to hydrofoil.
  • The one main quality that everyone we work with has in common is their passion for developing the newest and greatest products for our riders. We are also committed to doing what we can structurally to keep our riders as safe as possible while they are reaching for the sky.

Where can I ride one ?

  • X Air and the wonderful athletes who ride our skis are always excited to help a new foiler find their way. No matter where you are in the world, just send us an email or give us a call and we will do all that we can to find you a support system close to your home lake.
    Over the next few years we will be hosting or attending a variety of different events. Such as,
  • Fly-Ins: A Fly-In is a special event where hydrofoilers from all over come together to ride. There is a huge sense of camaraderie that is associated with these events. It is a great way to learn new tricks, meet new people and check out all of the available equipment that is on the market.
  • Tournament Events: X Air, Inc is excited to announce that our Team Riders have been busy rocking the National’s events. We are really proud of them! It is great to watch as all of their hours of hard work and boat gas pay off. We are excited to see how they continue to compete in the future!
  • Ski Shop Demo Days: X Air, Inc. is joining forces with pro-ski shops to bring our products to a group of watersport’s enthusiasts that may have never had an opportunity to even see our sport. We will set up ski shows, as well as clinics thru these shops.
  • Follow our Facebook calendar to see when we will be at a lake near you. If you don’t see any events close by your home lake, just give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. If we get together a large enough interested group in your area, we will come to you!

Do you offer anodizing / powder coating ?

  • The X Air seat towers are awesome! We have been working with powder coaters to find new and amazing ways to customize your towers. Go to our Facebook to see what new colors we have been devising. If you have any off of the wall suggestions, we’d love to hear them!
    As for the X40DD… we are not anodizing them at this time. With over 40 inches of raw material it would not be cost effective unless we only offered one color. That’s a huge tub of color that would go to waste for only one bar.
    Our XOne Ski comes in a grey, black and orange color scheme. Since this ski is produced in large quantities, it will stay these colors for now.
    Want your wings anodized? Give us a call and we will talk about it!

What is so special about your seat tower ?

  • The X Air pro seat tower has been receiving a lot of praise amongst the hydrofoiling community. A few of the most prominent compliments that we have been receiving mention the positioning of the seat itself. This tower sits a little forward. This may take you a few runs to get used to; however, once you do you will notice that you have less back strain. These compliments started coming in when we were using the carbon fiber McMaster Carr material seat plates. We began to notice that some of these plates were not holding up the way we would like. We could have chosen G10 material, but it seemed too rigid. So, off to the drawing board we went.
    The result is awesome! Our new seat plate has been engineered for hydrofoiling. It is comprised of 100% carbon material. It is super thin, super light and it has just the right amount of flex! Best compliment so far… “there used to be a slight bit of strain in my lower back after a weekend of riding… now with the new plate… even that is gone!” ~ 50plus framer
    Other than the ride, the professional Heinrich Horth design is beautiful! We have been doing our best to ensure that you have one good looking tower! We all like to be a little flashy… If we didn’t we’d still be sitting on the shore. So, our team has been working with the powder coaters to bring you new, hot and sexy colors to pimp your ride. Caution Orange… Electric Yellow… and Monster Green to name a few. We can even get it a bit more custom than that. If different is what you want … different is what you will get!

What is so special about your board ?

  • Everything about our X Air “Black” Board is special! It has been a year in the making, and it is so worth every moment. Her heart is made of the most durable, high heat resistant, milled foam we could find… then she is wrapped in pre-impregnated carbon in such a way that when you over rotate that front the board will absorb and disburse the shock throughout. This means that you will not have all of the pressure strike in one spot just before your feet. Once this foam core is wrapped she is then gently laid into a shell of carbon… wrapped tight… vacuum sealed and then cooked in an autoclave for hours… we do not use a traditional board press or traditional dry layered carbon sheets with resin added later. The result of our process allows our boards to be consistent. Each board will come out the same as the one before. .. strong as heck, just under 6.5 lbs and sexy as all get out!
    We haven’t even mentioned the solid carbon wrap thru the strut and tower to board holes or the threaded inserts for your foot stays yet. Yes, you can move your foot stays on this board. No need to order standard One hole forward or One hole back, just move them yourself when it is convenient for you. This allows Mr. 6’2” to share the board with Miss 5’1”. Well, until she wants her own… of course.
    The best compliments that we have received have been about the response time and the rigidity of this board. The guys who are famous for breaking boards are riding this board, and when asked “What do you think?” The answer has consistently been “Awesome!” “When can I get one?!”

How much do the boards weight ?

  • The result of our process allows for our boards to be consistent. Each board will come out the same as the one before. .. It may vary in ounces, but will consistently come in at just around 6.5 lbs.

What does ‘deep drilled’ mean ?

  • The X40DD (XAir, Inc. 40” Deep Drilled Tbar) is drilled for both strength and weight. The original X40 non-drilled TBar was engineered by Heinrich Horth in such a way as to be long, strong and fluid. When we discussed the weight of the t-bar with him, it was agreed that the only way to maintain strength and reduce weight would be to drill from the inside. Anyone can shave the weight off of the exterior of the bar; however, to ensure that the proper strength is maintained you have to drill instead.
    Physics ~ A tube of the same weight metal is stronger than a solid piece of the same weight metal. A tube is more efficient than a solid in terms of strength to weight ratio.
    So, if you compare our TBar at its weight to a solid TBar of the same weight… ours is stronger… per the law of Physics.

How do you ship and what are the charges ?

  • We have a new worldwide shipping partner for international shipments. The fees vary depending on where in the world we are shipping. Please email us with your order and mailing address and we will do our best to find the most economical and efficient way to send you your new products!

What wings do you sell ?

  • We are proud to sell the one and only, Bryan Schumacher’s Xtreme wings with our set ups. Give us a call to discuss your options!

Does the price of the board include bindings ?

  • Yes. We include Malibu Mark bindings with the board. If you would prefer to use the bindings that you already have, you can! The threaded inserts and placement of the screws make it very easy to change out your bindings, no matter what you choose. The only difference in this board is that we have a machines socket head cap screw into a threaded insert. Just let us know and we will reduce the price to $2200.00.

Does the board run with a carbon plate between the board and tower ?

  • No. We have a 100% pre-impregnated carbon plate; however, it is your new seat plate located between the seat pad and the seat tower. It comes standard in our seat tower

Is the board slot standard ?

  • Yes

What kind of bolt attachment system are you using ?

  • We are machining a washer that works with a hardware store friendly bolt attachment system. This way, as these bolts experience normal wear and tear and need to be replaced it will be exceptionally easy for you to purchase them on the run. (and more cost effective)
    The hardware comes with the board, not the tower.

Do you offer multiple purchase discounts ?

  • Yes. Purchase the Board, Seat Tower, TBar and Wings, all at the same time, as well as pay by check, and we will discount the setup 5% of the total.

Availability of products ?

  • When you order X Air products, you are ordering a custom product.  Please call to discuss availability.