X40DD T-Bar – $3,000 plus s/h

The X Air “X40DD” is a work of art and design, which was created especially for the hydrofoiler who is striving to reach the next level.

The X Air Foils Deep Hole Drilled true 40 inch long, 7000 series aluminum TBar was designed in 2011 by Heinrich Horth, and his wife Silke, in Germany. Both avid foilers, Heinrich and Silke are accomplished structural and hydro engineers who have contributed to some of the world’s most incredible architectural designs.     They took on the TBar project as a labor of love, because they are both passionate about the sport of hydrofoiling.

The X40DD is drilled for both strength and weight.  In order to ensure that the proper strength is maintained you have to drill from the inside instead of reduce the size of the outside.  When Heinrich and Silke designed the TBar, their goal was to make it strong enough to handle the awesomeness of Bryan Schumacher’s  Xtreme Wings.

Physics ~ A tube of the same weight metal is stronger than a solid piece of the same weight metal.     A tube is more efficient than a solid in terms of strength to weight ratio.

If you compare our drilled TBar at its weight to a solid TBar of the same weight… ours is stronger… per the law of Physics.

Strength in our industry is hugely important.


Order Now $3,000.00 plus s/h

Included:  X40DD Tbar and wing bolts

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