X Air Seat Towers – $900 plus s/h (Upgraded colors available for additional cost)

X Air Seat Tower is a work of art and design created especially for the hydrofoiler who is striving to reach the next level.

The X Air Seat Tower was designed in 2011 by Heinrich Horth, and his wife Silke, in Germany. Both avid foilers, Heinrich and Silke are accomplished structural and hydro engineers who have contributed to some of the world’s most incredible architectural designs. They took on the seat tower project as a labor of love, because they are both passionate about the sport of hydrofoiling. In 2013 they updated the tower to show off the X Air Logo.

The X Air Foils tower was designed to be strong and light by optimizing the aluminum throughout the tower. Another awesome feature of this seat tower is the position of its design. When engineering the tower, they knew that the most common complaint from huge air riders is back strain and pressure on the tailbone. This new seat tower sits its rider slightly forward. Now, it may take you a few runs to truly appreciate this position; however, once you get used to it you will reap the benefits.

Once this tower was complete, we took it one step further. We discovered that the Carbon ‘fiber’ seat plates were not meeting our personal and professional standards for our extreme riders. So, we went to another true professional, our carbon engineer “Carbon Hans”, with a new task. This task was to design a carbon seat plate that matches the professional quality of our entire ski. The result is a sheet of 100% pre-impregnated carbon that has been designed for our seat tower. The strength and durability is what we were looking for; however, we got one more awesome benefit… flex that even further increases the comfort of your ride.

What colors are available? That is totally up to you! The tower cost is $900.00 for standard color powder coating. (Upgrade options available for additional cost) If you want to get super creative… go for it. (*No two-toned towers) We use www.PrismaticPowders.com. Go to the website and pick your design. Let us know your choice and we will confirm the color and get a quote for you. Whatever the powder coater charges us we will pass on to you. Tower must be paid in full before we place the order, and there are no refunds.

All of this being said, the X Air Seat Tower has stood up to incredible testing. It has been ridden by a huge host of 50 plus framers. However, it is imperative that everyone know that the assembly as it comes must be maintained in the same fashion. NEVER ALLOW ANY SHARP EDGES ON YOUR SEAT TOWER. Be sure that there are always smooth washers and nuts covering any exposed bolt edges. ANY SHARP EDGES CAN RESULT IN PERSONAL INJURY. If you are going to put in after-market bolts, please call us first so we can ensure that you have the correct configuration. It is our main concern that you all go huge and stay safe!

Order Now $900.00 plus s/h (For Standard colors…*Please Note* Upgrade options available for additional cost)

Included:  Tower Skeleton, tower to TBar bolts, inserts, bushings, seat pad, Velcro, seat plate and swivels.

Note:  Seat belts are sold separately. $75.00

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Email: xair@xairfoils.com

TO ORDER:  Email your full name, phone number, shipping address and your order to xair@xairfoils.com.  We will then send you an invoice and a paypal request.