X Air Black Board ~ $2,250.00 plus s/h

Welcome to X Air’s “Black Board”.

Born on August 9, 2012 and weighed in at 6.47 lbs.

All kidding aside… the X Air “Black Board” is awesome! We computer tested the model extensively before handing her to the Pros at the Georgia Mountain Fly-in in 2012.  Since then many of the pro riders have put it thru the ringer and it stands the test of time over and over again..

How is she made?

Her heart consists of high density, excessive heat tolerant, extra buoyant foam, which is sent out to be specially milled. While the foam is being prepared, our ISO certified carbon engineer, “Carbon Hans”, sets up the 100% pre-impregnated carbon skins. The foam is then wrapped in carbon and placed into the skins where it is then set in an autoclave for hours. This is an exact and precise professional process, which allows us the luxury of offering the same board to everyone.

How is she different?

“Pre-impregnated carbon fiber is when carbon’s strength to weight ratio is the highest one that it can be based on the amount of resin in the system. So, it is optimized for the resin to weight ratio for the material. Whereas, in the traditional hydrofoil boards which use a wet laminated system, most people try to convince you that it is a 50% resin to weight of the fabric… this cannot be a completely accurate statement due to the fact that it is not produced in a measured controlled environment. So, they always end up being about 100%, 1 to 1, a pound of cloth to a pound of resin. The “Black” board is not. It is optimized at a much lower resin content for the fabric weight because of the fact that it is pre-impregnated and is resin optimized. It is aerospace grade carbon fiber in general. It is also 100% carbon fiber. There has no fiberglass or fillers in it, and it is built to handle the load case demanded by the sport of hydrofoiling. It is strong where it needs to be strong, and it is light where it needs to be light. This board is rigid in the directions that it needs to be rigid. It is laid up in a very unique sequence, very unique design that was devised to make this board strong where needed. It is very well thought out and not just layers of random carbon stacked on top of one another.”

“This board also has stainless steel threaded inserts (for our bindings), which are much stronger than metal screws into plastic. The board is designed structurally in such a way that even its shape lends structural integrity to the board.” …. As built by a Carbon Engineer with over 25 years of experience, the designer of the first ever all carbon sail boat mast and now the creator of the US Bobsled Team’s bobsled.

Needless to say, the structure and weight of the board are awesome! But… does it ride? We ask all of the Pros what they think and the most often answers are… “Responsiveness… the lack of flex allows for an awesome response when riding”…. Next statement is typically “When can I get one?” Some who have ridden it called to order a board because when they got back on their setup they felt spoiled.

Order Now $2,250.00 plus s/h

Includes:  Carbon Black Board, Malibu Mark Bindings, Molded Foot Pads, Aluminum Rails, Screws and Board to Tower Bolt Package

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